How to defeat Royce, Sasquatch, Oda and Smasher in CP2077Game Bang Theory

How to defeat Royce, Sasquatch, Oda and Smasher in CP2077

How to defeat Royce, Sasquatch, Oda and Smasher in CP2077

By Denis Marasan ☆ 14/Dec/2020

Speaking of boss fights, here are some general tips for starters.

  • When playing Cyberpunk 2077 make sure you always have at least three different types of weapons at your disposal: melee, close quarters and range firearms. Some bosses are easier to defeat with a particular type of weapon, some bosses require a combination of those to counter their play loop.
  • Some bosses have weak spots (Royce and Sasquatch), some don't (Oda and Smasher).
  • Always tag a boss (and other enemies) so you always know where it is. On PC that’s pressing and holding the TAB key, pointing at the boss and pressing the middle mouse (mouse wheel) button. Now the boss is tagged and you can see it through walls. This is handy since e.g. Sandayu Oda hides and regenerates when low on health.
  • I will not going to advise you on character development here, it's up to you. Except for maybe Divided Attention (Allows you to reload weapons while sprinting, sliding and vaulting) and Invincible (Increases max Health by 30%) that are in Athletics section of Body stat. Since bosses deal and absorb lots of damage, a boss fight will be much easier if you can reload when running away from them. Increasing the health pool is also helpful.

And don't forget to loot the defeated boss after the fight.

NOTE: I will not speak of the likes of Woodman aka Oswald Forrest, or Placide, coz they are just pussies with an icon. Kill them by dealing damage with your favorite melee weapon or close quarters firearm, take cover to reload, and repeat as necessary. No tricks.


How to defeat Simon "Royce" Randall

You can deal with Simon "Royce" Randall without delay by selecting a Draw weapon option in the conversation followed by a Shoot Royce option. You can also select a Take down Royce option instead, but only if you've got Body value 6 or above. I believe the latter option is considered being a non-lethal elimination.

Though I recommend a manly way to deal with Royce by fighting him later. BTW, this boss fight was one of the first gamaplay videos shown by the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 back in 2018. Here it is:

Just in case you've got stuck with the boss fight, here're some tips.

  • First defeat the other guy fooling around Royce, so you may focus on the boss fight. You may play this part stealthily or break in with all guns blazing, it’s not that important.
  • Speaking of guns, I recommend a Shotgun or a Submachine gun. And don’t spare grenades.
  • Approach Royce stealthily by hiding behind columns and crates, and start shooting at close range. Avoid shooting the shield, try flanking Royce and attack him from behind. There's a sweet spot there, presumably a shield generator.
  • Take cover behind a nearby column or a pile of crates to reload and restore health. Royce is not very mobile and cannot catch up and force an action. Always keep an obstacle between Royce and yourself when not attacking the boss.
  • Repeat the aforesaid as long as required.
  • Don’t forget to loot the body, there're some goodies.

How to defeat Matilda K. Rose aka "Sasquatch"

Matilda K. Rose aka "Sasquatch" has a weak spot on her back (blue and glowing, so you don't miss it). You can't kill the boss unless you destroy the weak spot. You can get behind her back stealthily and destroy the weak spot with one mighty blow. This works with a Sniper Rifle on a Hard level at the very least.

Or go for it with all guns blazing:

  • Attack Matilda K. Rose with any means necessary. I recommend using any melee or close quarters weapon, like a Shotgun or Submachine gun. Melee weapon is great since you may block her attacks, firearms are great because you can manage the right distance. Since Sasquatch is a melee fighter, I don't recommend using range firearms like Sniper of Precision rifles, because this boss can easily close the range and gain an advantage.
  • Rose counterattacks with a Hammer. When she misses a strong attack, her Hammer gets stuck. While she pulls her Hammer out, attack a weak spot on her back.
  • After that thing on her back is destroyed, continue damaging Rose with any close quarters firearm you please.
  • In order to reload and restore health, take cover behind those large columns in the corners.

How to defeat Sandayu Oda

This boss fight is going to be cheerful. To defeat Sandayu Oda, understand his play loop:

  1. First, Oda attacks a player with Mantis blades.
  2. Second, he retreats to attack a player from far off with a smart weapon.
  3. Third, Oda uses a smoke bomb to escape and regenerate. And since this is a loop, Oda repeats it from the first item.

To defeat Sandayu Oda, you have to outplay him in every aspect of the play loop: in close quarters, at range, and in running and jumping.

  • Use any melee or close quarters’ weapon to damage Oda. Remember that melee weapons are stamina eaters and you need stamina to run away in order to reload and restore health. I recommend using a Shotgun, coz it permits keeping the distance just right, or a Submachine gun.
  • To reload or when low on health, turn back and break contact with Oda. To effectively escape you need Reinforced Tendons or Fortified Ankles implants for higher jumps. Though Oda is fast, the aforementioned cyberware helps to get an edge over Oda, coz he’s a bit slow on jumping from one platform to another.

  • After completing the first item of his play loop, Sandayu Oda switches to ranged attacks. Take your favorite long range weapon (e.g. a Sniper rifle you may have got at the crash site when hunting down Hellman) and shoot Oda. Use columns to take cover from his smart weapon attacks.
  • If Oda uses a smoke bomb to hide and regenerate exert yourself to attack Oda as soon as possible. It's much easier to find Oda if you've already tagged him.
  • Repeat as much as required.

How to defeat Adam Smasher

Every boss in Cyberpunk 2077 has peculiarities. Speaking of Adam Smasher he's great in beating the hell out of your character in hand-to-hand combat, uses smart weapon with explosive warheads at range, and calls for backup. No weak spots whatsoever. When fighting Smasher just don't stand still in open areas and look out for enemy backup.

  • Keep your distance from Smasher, use your favorite close quarters firearm to deal damage. Take cover whenever Smasher attacks with smart weapon. Don't let those exploding rockets fly round the cover and make sure you don't get much splash damage.
  • Just in case you're more of a sniper than a storm trooper, you can always run away to the other side of arena and use your favorite Sniper rifle.
  • Since you enter the arena with an allied NPC, Smasher will occasionally focus on your immortal ally. This is your chance to deal some no-return damage to the boss.
  • Eventually Smasher will call for backup. Take a break and deal with them, then return to the boss fight.

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