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Fallout 76: TOP 5 advanced tips and tricks

Fallout 76: TOP 5 advanced tips and tricks

By Denis Marasan ☆ 05/Dec/2018

Here is the TOP 5 advanced tips and tricks for Fallout 76 that will surely make your gaming experience much better! In this guide I’ll consider the problem of adjusting the difficulty level to make the game more challenging, give you some tips on how to level up faster, persuade you to use Power Armor ASAP and farm Fusion Cores, and train you how to pack materials in bulks to sell surplus materials to vendors. Enjoy-or-pay!

Manage your gaming experience by fighting stronger enemies

How to select the difficulty level in Fallout 76? The short and obvious answer is that you can’t, coz Fallout 76 is an MMO game. But you may still improve your experience by making your game more challenging and hence fun.

You start the game at Vault 76 that is located in the region called The Forest (this region is colored green on the map). After you acquire a Short Hunting Rifle or a Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol, The Forest becomes more of a theme park. The trick is that The Forest is an area with the lowest difficulty level meant for novice players. That may not be challenging enough for expert gunners.

Map of Fallout 76 regions and opposition difficulty

If you look at the map you’ll notice that the map color isn’t uniform. Though the area around Vault 76 is green, there’s a much lighter spot to the North-East (this region is called Toxic Valley), a black region to the South (Ash Heap), etc. Those regions are very much different from The Forest in terms of difficulty, and the reddish part to the South-East is a kind of an endgame region with the strongest opposition.

So if you want to add more true survival elements and get more adrenaline from your game, try visiting areas of different color, like Toxic Valley.


Manage your experience by leveling up faster

The faster you level up, the faster the game will unfold new content and hence the better your gaming experience will be. So how to level up faster anyway? In short – you’ve to kill more high-level enemies. Because the higher the enemy level is, the more XP you’ll get for a kill.

Some enemies may be considered bosses, e.g. Grafton Monsters and Scorchbeasts, coz they are obviously overpowered compared to other same-level creatures and have better loot on their bodies. The drawback of hunting bosses is that they are ammo eaters. It takes too much time and effort to kill these guys, though the reward is worthy.


Level 10 Grafton Monster and its spawn location

After reaching Level 10 or so, it's a good idea to visit Toxic Valley, which is the region to the North-East of Vault 76. Ash Heap to the South is not too bad, it’s populated by mostly Mole Miners that are rather tough, but they are kinda as blind as moles and use mostly close-combat weapon (melee and shotguns).

After reaching Level 25 or so and getting some good Power Armor suite it's a good idea to participate in Blast Zone raids at Whitespring, just make sure you have enough RadX and RadAway chems. And leave your junk in Stash box. This is going to be tough, but that's the fastest way to level up in Fallout 76. The experience earned by killing glowing enemies in Blast Zones was bugged and this bug was repaired in January 2019, but killing those emenies is still profitable. Loiter near high-level players to get help just in case. You don't even need to kill those monstrosities single handedly, just hit 'em once and let high-level players do the job.

Another great way to make your character level up faster be playing on a team with the Inspirational perk card equipped, coz it gives up to 15% boost in XP points when playing on a team. You don’t even need to play together, just to be on a team with maybe a complete stranger (you may try selecting any player on the map and invite him on a team). Apart from the conspicuity of sharing other perk card bonuses, you may use your teammate’s CAMP for free fast travel and loot storage in his Stash, which is handy.

How to invite a total stranger on a team


Get Power Armor right from the start

Power Armor parts are level-dependent, whilst the Power Armor Chassis itself is not. The good news is that you can use the PA Chassis without any armor parts right from the start and still get a huge boost in the form of armor points, strength and carrying capacity. The use of Power Armor boosts your strength up to 11 that is another reason to start using it as soon as possible. To use the Power Armor Chassis all you need is removing all high-level armor parts from it. You can save them for future use or throw away, it’s up to you to decide. More information about Power Armor and Fusion Cores needed to power your armor see in separate guides.


Scrap junk and then bulk raw materials at Tinker’s Workshop for sale

This tip is short: scrap junk for raw materials and then bulk them at Tinker’s Workshops, pretty much as bums do in real life. Coz raw materials weigh low (if you’ve got a Pack Rat perk card equipped) as opposed to weapons and armor that are heavy. Selling surplus raw materials to vendors is much more interesting.

And the only three things you need to pull a job are surplus raw materials, plastics for package and a Tinker’s Workshop.

Selling bulked raw materials, aid and food is always a good idea, coz if you equip the corresponding perk cards reducing their weight they weigh only 10% of their real weight. So trading raw materials, aids and food is convenient, whereas trading weapons and armor is not. The more so, that by scrapping weapons and armor you have a chance of unlocking new crafting items and get raw materials you can use for crafting or bulk for sale.


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