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Japanese Tech Tree Review / World of Warships guides / WoWS

Japanese Tech Tree Review / World of Warships guides / WoWS

By Denis Marasan ☆ 13/Mar/2019

Here's a review of Japanese ships' tech tree in World of Warships (play now!). Get acquainted with the main features of Japanese Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships, both linear and premium, and find out which Japanese ships are the best.

Japanese Destroyers

Main features of Japanese Destroyers:

  • Long-range torpedoes with Torpedo Reload Booster consumable available on high-tier ships
  • Great concealment
  • Weak main battery with slow-turning turrets (except for few high-tier ships)
  • Japanese Destroyers are the best for beginners

Japanese Destroyers feature long-range torpedoes in combination with great concealment. Thanks to fast torpedo launchers reload low-tier ships offer unique and dynamic gameplay and are definitely the best for beginners. Unfortunately, this kind of fun (from frequent torpedo launches) disappears on high-tier ships as the reload time increases, though players use to find other kinds of fun, like fun from stupendous one-time torpedo damage or torpedo spamming.

The Japanese Destroyers' tech tree splits after tier IV Isokaze, which is great BTW. The tech tree line towards Shimakaze is considered torpedo-focused, whilst the tech tree line towards Harugumo is gunnery-focused. But there’s a catch: Destroyers from the latter line get their 100 mm rapid-firing guns starting from tier VIII Akizuki. Ships from tier V to VII are rather generic torpedo-focused Japanese Destroyers. So that gunnery-focused gameplay on Japanese Destroyers requires a lot of time investment – that’s a pity.

Which tech tree line to choose from? Generally speaking, if you like covert operations and concealed torpedo launches choose the tech tree line to Shimakaze. If you get bored from waiting for torpedo launchers to reload and want to shoot things instead – choose the line to Harugumo.

Destroyers to notice: Basically any low- and mid-tier Destroyer.

Notes on tier X Destroyer Shimakaze: Nice torpedo-focused Destroyer, great for concealed torpedo launches. But the impact on a battle is a bit random.

Notes on tier X Destroyer Harugumo: Nice gunnery-focused Destroyer with long-range torpedoes, great for artillery exchange with enemy Destroyers and attacking enemy ships from safe positions like Smoke Screens or from behind islands. The ship itself is a bit oversized and the torpedo launchers' reload time is rather long, taking into consideration the fact that there’s only one launcher.

Premium Japanese Destroyers: tier V Fujin and Kamikaze are obviously overpowered and were removed from sale long ago. Tier II Tachibana, tier VI Shinonome and numerous tier VIII Japanese premium Destroyers are OK.

  • Check out this guide on Commander Skills, including the skills overview, as well as the Commandes Skill builds for different classes of ships in WoWS.


Japanese Cruisers

Main features of Japanese Cruisers:

  • Great HE shells with an increased chance of setting on fire
  • 8-inch guns with reasonable ballistics since tier V, no need to select the Inertia Fuse perk for Commander
  • Slow-turning turrets
  • Torpedo launchers with long-range torpedoes
  • Weak AA defense
  • Japanese Cruisers are great for beginners

HE (high-explosive) shells on Japanese Cruisers have an increased chance of setting on fire. And since AP (armor-piercing) shells have no bonuses as opposed to US or German ships, HE shells shall be considered primary ammunition. Nevertheless, switching to AP shells when shooting enemy Cruiser’s broadside from short to medium distances is still profitable for the sake of dealing extra damage to Citadel.

Up to tier VI Aoba inclusive Japanese Cruisers suffer from fragile modules. So selecting a 2-point Last Stand perk for the Commander to save your engine and rudders from being incapacitated is mandatory. From tier VII Myoko the modules become stronger and this perk loses its importance.

Japanese Cruisers to notice: Tier VII Myoko, though it has maddeningly slow-turning gun turrets. Tier VIII Mogami with stock 6-inch main battery guns definitely stands out, and again, say hello to slow-turning gun turrets. Tier X Zao.

Notes on tier X Cruiser Zao: This Japanese Cruiser is effective and easy to use. Just load HE shells and flood enemies by fire.

Premium Japanese Cruisers: Tier VIII Atago is a good premium ship with a Repair Party consumable, which is uncommon on tier VIII cruisers. Other premium Cruisers are of collector value.


Japanese Battleships

Main features of Japanese Battleships:

  • Great main battery guns, often with a record-breaking caliber
  • Questionable armoring
  • High maximum speed
  • Weak AA defense
  • Japanese Battleships are not so good for beginners

Japanese Battleships feature great main battery guns with nice ballistics and long range Gun Fire Control Systems. Often Japanese Battleships have a record-breaking caliber on the tier. Their high maximum speed has a logical effect in the form of questionable armoring. Many Japanese Battleships are in fact Battle Cruisers and their Citadels are easy to penetrate.

Another drawback is weak AA (anti-aircraft) defense, which means that Japanese Battleships are often a number one target for enemy Aircraft Carriers that can make playing on those ships unbearable. Japanese Battleships are usually fun to play and are definitely recommended for researching. Nonetheless, they are not so good for beginners because of the aforesaid traits.

Japanese Battleships to notice: tier V Kongo, tier VI Fuso, and tier X Yamato.

Notes on tier X Battleship Yamato: this Japanese Battleship has a record-breaking main battery caliber in slow-turning turrets, not too bad armoring with great torpedo protection and mediocre AA defense. All in all, Yamato is arguably the best Battleship in World of Warship.

Premium Japanese Battleships: Tier IV Ishizuchi is great for experienced players because it has high maximum speed and long firing range. Tier VI Mutsu is, in fact, tier VII Nagato, rebalanced for the lower tier. The same applies to tier VII Ashitaka that is in fact tier VIII Amagi rebalanced for the lower tier. Tier VIII Kii is another Amagi sistership with better armor protection and less accurate main battery guns. Tier IX Musashi is obviously overpowered. Because, in fact, it’s tier X Yamato… I bet you know the drill.