British (UK) tech tree review / World of Warships guides / WoWS

British (UK) tech tree review / World of Warships guides / WoWS

By Denis Marasanov ☆ 08.08.2019

Here’s a complete overview of British tech tree in World of Warships. Learn about UK Destroyers, Cruisers, and Battleships, including premium ships, the main features of each tech tree line, as well as their suitability for novice players.

British Destroyers

Main features of UK Destroyers:

  • Single-fire torpedoes – each torpedo tube can fire individually
  • Mid- and high-tier Destroyers have Hydroacoustic Search
  • Low- and mid-tier ships are well-balanced and a bit inexpressive
  • UK Destroyers from tier II to tier VII are not very good for beginners, whereas high-tier ships are overpowered, comfortable and easy to play

The main feature of British Destroyers is their single-fire torpedoes. This means that unlike other nations every torpedo tube can fire individually, so when launching torpedoes from a short distance you can decrease the spread significantly for the sake of killing the enemy with one mighty blow. Or missing the salvo entirely. The torpedoes are rather short-ranged and they will stay like this till… tier VIII. Sorry, guys, but if you want to play with long-ranged torpedoes on low-tier ships you’d better choose IJN Destroyers instead. Or spend Free XP to research tier VIII Lightning, she’s great!

Smoke Generator consumable has additional charges and shorter reload time at the expense of shorter generation time. The setting is perfect for breaking a line of sight and hiding from enemies every time it’s appropriate, which is good. But it prevents from such tactical opportunities as setting a smoke screen for using HE shells on enemy Battleships or capturing points of interest when playing against enemy Aircraft Carriers.

Another great feature is the ability of some gun turrets to traverse 360 degrees. This effectively increases the net DPS (Damage Per Seconds) when maneuvering, but this feature is not something unique in World of Warships, e.g. other nations, e.g. German and Pan-Asian, have the same feature.

On tier VI Icarus British Destroyers get the Hydroacoustic Search consumable. There’re two things that shall be noted. First, this is a short-range version. Meaning that any other ship with Hydroacoustic Search (like Cruiser or German Destroyer), will spot you first. Though it’s enough to spot enemy torpedoes in advance to take an evasive maneuver or spot an enemy destroyer standing in a smoke screen to open an unrequited fire. Second, the layout of turrets is not convenient enough when nosediving towards the enemy.

And here comes tier VIII Lightning that has a perfect layout of gun turrets and comfortable torpedo range. The difference between Lightning and lower-tier British Destroyers is so great it’s kind of ridiculous.

Destroyers to notice: tier VIII Lightning is obviously overpowered, whereas tier IX Jutland and tier X Daring are great at the very least.

Notes on tier X Destroyer Daring: this top-tier British Destroyer is good for killing both enemy Destroyers by gunfire and capital ships by torpedoes.

Premium British Destroyers: tier III Campbeltown is of collector value, though provided you’ve got a 10-point commander this ship has some long-range torpedoes. The same applies to tier VI Gallant. Tier VIII Cossack is great both in terms of gun and torpedo power.

British Cruisers

Main features of UK Light Cruisers:

  • No HE shells, AP shells with short fuse time
  • Single-fire torpedoes – each torpedo tube can fire individually
  • Fragile ships with the large and high-positioned citadel
  • Mid- and high-tier Cruisers have Smoke Generator
  • British Cruisers are meant for experienced players

British Light Cruisers get Repair Party starting from tier III Caledon. The availability of Repair Party on all-tier Cruisers sounds like an overpowering feature, but in fact, it’s not. First, it’s required to counterbalance the overall fragility of British Cruisers and high-positioned citadels. Second, the use of premium consumables increases the cost of after battle maintenance.

Later on, in addition to Repair Party, tier V Emerald gets Smoke Generator. Though I don’t know a single person who really likes low-tier British Cruisers, in my opinion, those ships are OK at the very least.

British Cruisers shine starting from tier VI Leander, she’s great. And tier VII Fiji is even better; this is arguably the best tier VII Cruiser in World of Warships. As for higher-tier ships, the use of Smoke Generator becomes increasingly problematic, because more and more enemies get Surveillance Radars, spotting and killing British Cruisers in smoke. Though tier VIII Edinburgh, IX Neptune, and X Minotaur can be played with the Surveillance Radar consumable instead of Smoke Generator, this is even more difficult taking into consideration their fragility.

Another feature of British Light Cruisers is that they don’t have any HE shells except for premium tier VII Belfast. To make AP shells more efficient against weakly armored ships they got short fuse time. So damaging enemy fore and aft ends and superstructures isn’t a problem, but this rules out the possibility of setting enemy ships on fire. And killing enemy ships going bow first towards British Cruisers is practically impossible.

And last but not least, Brits feature speciality single-fire torpedoes, so when launching torpedoes from a short distance you can decrease the spread significantly for the sake of killing the enemy with one mighty blow. Or… you know the drill!

Cruisers to notice: tier VII Fiji is one of the fairest Cruiser on her tier. Though any tier VI to tier X ship is good enough.

Notes on tier X Cruiser Minotaur: after she first appeared in World of Warships Minotaur was arguably the best high-tier Cruiser. But since then the number of ships with Surveillance Radar increased significantly, which spoils her play.

Premium British Cruisers: tier VIII Exeter is the first British Heavy Cruiser on tap and she’s great and fun to play. Unlike linear British Light Cruisers, she has HE shells. Mind that Exeter has no Smoke Generator, the experience of playing on Exeter is similar to IJN Cruisers. Though thanks to Repair Party consumable she’s obviously easier to play and quite possibly better. Tier VIII Belfast is so great she was removed from sale. If somehow you’ll get a chance to buy her, don’t hesitate. Even though Belfast has no Repair Party consumable, she has HE shells to burn them all down.

British Battleships

Main features of UK Battleships:

  • HE shells with increased penetration and chance of fire
  • High-tier ships have the Repair Party consumable with an increased damage repair capability
  • British Battleships are arguably the easiest to play and hence are perfect for beginners

Low-tier British Battleships are rather slow, so this is the ideal tech tree line to make the acquaintance of Battleships in World of Warships. The slower the ship – the less is the possibility of sticking your neck out, but the less is the interest for the experienced player. So getting those ships early on is definitely a good idea. The same applied to USN Battleships, btw.

Everything changes on tier VII with King George V. The ship suddenly loses in caliber but gains in overall firepower, turret rotation speed and maximum rate of sailing. The aforesaid makes King George V one of the easiest and the most comfortable Battleships on her tier. Tier VIII Monarch is not so good compared to King George V, mostly because it encounters the stronger opposition.

Tier IX Lion and tier X Conqueror got their speciality feature, the boosted Repair Party consumable. It can repair up to 50% of white damage, surprising enemy players. The reverse of the coin is that high-tier British Battleships soak up damage like sponges thanks to their light-gage steel. So getting under the enemy focus is not a good idea. However, this applies to any ship.

Battleships to notice: tier VII King George V is absolutely awesome compared to lower-tier British Battleships. Tier IX Lion and tier X Conqueror are great thanks to their overpowered Repair Party.

Notes on tier X Conqueror: thanks to her overpowered Repair Party consumable, and HE shells with increased penetration and chance of fire, Conqueror is an easy and comfortable damage dealer.

Premium British Battleships: tier III Dreadnaught is of collector value. Tier VI Warspite and tier VII Hood have no special HE shell settings that linear Brits have, like better damage, penetration, and chance of fire. So if the plan is to buy a premium British Battleship to test the speciality features of British Battleships, avoid those ships. Buy tier VII Duke of York instead, she’s a great lighter. Or go for tier VII Nelson that can be obtained for Free XP, coz it also has an overpowered Repair Party similar to tier IX and X linear Battleships.