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Cannon Range

Hi there! I just finished my first game, so go check it out! It's free and you can play it in your browser, no downloads.

How to Make Money in Cyberpunk 2077 / Infinite Money Glitch

There are several ways to make money in Cyberpunk 2077, some of them are legit game mechanics, some of them are money making exploits aka “infinite money”, and some of them are glitches. Let’s check ‘em out!

How to defeat Royce, Sasquatch, Oda and Smasher in CP2077

Before diving into specific boss fights here are some general tips. Always have at least three different weapons at your disposal: melee, close quarters and range firearms. Some bosses are easier to defeat with a particular type of weapon, some bosses require a combination of those to counter their play loop. Tag a boss (and other enemies) so you always know where he is. After the boss is tagged and you can see it through walls. This is handy since e.g. Sandayu Oda hides and regenerates when low on health.

Hellbound review: Sam Stone meets Quake Guy

Hellbound by Saibot Studios sees itself as a Classic First-Person Shooter (FPS) and gently warns the player: “This game is being made like it was the ’90-s, some people may find it too difficult”. An action game focused on speed, gore, guns, and metal music. Inspired by the 90s’ classics with modern visuals and audio! But how well does it capture the essence of those games of old in reality? Let’s have a look!

Generation Zero review: Explore, Fight, Loot, Repeat

In a few words, Generation Zero is a vanilla version of Fallout 76. It exploits the same core gameplay loop, namely exploration, fighting and looting, while lacking many other features. To the credit of the developer, shooting mechanics feel better in places, since in GZ there’s no server lag when pressing a firing button and movement feels smooth. It looks like the APEX engine (stands for Avalanche Open World Engine) by Avalanche Studios, known for Just Cause series, Rage 2 and many other AAA titles, is better suited for first-person shooters in an open world environment than the Creation engine by Bethesda. But did it help the developer beat the role model? Let’s take a closer look!

How to Submarine in World of Warships / Submarine Battles

Did you know that WoWS developers are planning to introduce USA, USSR and German Submarines of tier VI, VIII and X to the game? Soon World of Warships will feature a new Submarine Battle mode that will be playable on tier VI ships only for the duration of patch 0.9.4. Submarine Battles will feature tier VI USA Submarine Cachalot, Soviet Submarine S-1 and German Submarine U-69. And here’s a guide on how to Submarine.

TOP 10 Best Premium Ships with the Most Unique Gameplay in WoWS

It has been known that tier IX premium ships are the best to farm credits. And tier X premium ships are good on their own, since they are the highest-tier ships for playing at the top of the list. Therefore, in my TOP 10 Premium Ships list I will focus on lower tier ships that grant the most special, unique, and unusual gameplay in World of Warships.

TOP 10 Best and OP premium ships to farm credits in WoWS

Which premium ship is the best in World of Warships? That is the question! And the answer depends on what do you expect from the ship. In this review I will recommend you which premium ship is a better farmer, and which has more power. Get ready for a list of TOP 10 best premium ships to farm credits and the most overpowered ships in WoWS!