Commander Skills for Cruisers / World of Warships / WoWS

In this part of the Guide on World of Warships, I’ll cover the selection of Commander Skills for all types of Cruisers, including Small Light Cruisers, Light Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers and Large Heavy Cruisers, both linear, premium and promo, for both ordinary and Unique Commanders in World of Warship. Links to the Guides on Commander Skills for Battleships and Destroyers see at the foot of this page.

Commander Skills for Battleships / World of Warships / WoWS

In this part of the Guide, I’ll cover the selection of Commander Skills for high-tier Battleships (both linear, promo and premium) for both ordinary and Unique Commanders in World of Warship. Links to the Guides on Commander Skills for Cruisers and Destroyers see at the foot of this page.

A Guide to Commander Skills in World of Warships / WoWS

Here’s a complete guide on Commander Skills in World of Warships. I tried making this guide as brief as possible, covering the process of selecting skills for any Commander. In the first part of the guide, I’ll do a general overview of Commander Skills in WoWS. The second part covering the commander development for different classes and the distribution of skill points for different ships will follow shortly.

CALIBER game review: the fantasy of being a Special Forces operator fulfilled / Beta version

Caliber is a realistic free-to-play class-based third-person tactical shooter developed by 1C Game Studios and published by, known mainly for World of Tanks (as well as Warplanes and Warships). The game is scheduled for release in Russia and the CIS region on PC for market research and in the case of success – worldwide. I was lucky to participate in closed beta testing during a free weekend in mid-October 2019 and here are my first impressions or an early review as you please.

British (UK) tech tree review / World of Warships guides / WoWS

Here’s a complete overview of British tech tree in World of Warships. Learn about UK Destroyers, Cruisers, and Battleships, including premium ships, the main features of each tech tree line, as well as their suitability for novice players.

Russian and Soviet (USSR) tech tree review / World of Warships guides / WoWS

After the developers added a fully developed line of Battleships to the game late in spring 2019, the time for Soviet (USSR) tech tree review has come! Learn about the basic features and peculiarities of Soviet Destroyers, Cruisers, and Battleships in World of Warships!

High-tier premium ships for Free XP overview / World of Warships

The best thing about premium ships in World of Warships is that you can get some high-tier premium ships for free just by spending Free XP (free experience). Certain ships can be researched from a tech tree by spending Free XP and purchased for 1 credit. And most of those premium ships are tier IX. So sweet on the part of Wargaming!

TOP 5 Best premium ships that were removed from sale / World of Warships

Here are the top 5 premium ships in World of Warships that are not available in the premium store anymore, because they were obviously overpowered. But you may still buy them in the case they briefly go on sale or get from a Supercontainer. Below there's a brief overview of the best premium ships to watch in no particular order

Japanese Tech Tree Review / World of Warships guides / WoWS

Here's a review of Japanese ships' tech tree in World of Warships. Get acquainted with the main features of Japanese Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships, both linear and premium, and find out which Japanese ships are the best.

The USA Tech Tree Review / World of Warships guide / WoWS

This is a review of the USA tech tree in World of Warships. It answers the question of "is the USA nation good enough for beginner and advanced players", describes the specifics of tech tree lines, points out the ships to watch (both linear and premium) and much more.

The Best Nations and Tech Tree Lines in World of Warships / WoWS

A guide to all nations presented in World of Warships that shall answer the ultimate question: “which nation is the best and what tech tree line shall I choose?” But before we dive into the tech trees, here are some general tips that might be useful for beginners.

A guide to Power Armor in Fallout 76: which is the best?

In Fallout 76 Power Armor chassis (or frame, if you wish) is an item weighting 10 pounds when added to your inventory or Stash box. The weight of Power Armor suite when stored doesn’t depend on the weight of individual parts, meaning that regardless of parts you install on your PA Chassis the overall weight of Power Armor suite will be only 10 pounds when stored.

How to get Fusion Cores in Fallout 76 / Powering up Poseidon Power Plant

When you first start Fallout 76 getting those Fusion Cores to power your Power Armor may seem difficult, but in reality, it’s not. The real problem is their weight and the perk used for reducing the weight of Energy Weapon Ammo (since Fusion Cores are considered energy weapon ammo) is a level 28 perk card (Batteries Included).

Weight management in Fallout 76 / How to manage you Inventory and Stash

Tired of being overencumbered? Have no idea of how to reduce your weight in Fallout 76? Here's a guide on how to manage your Inventory and Stash weight, starting from easy and obvious things for beginners and then moving to complex solutions for expert post-apocalypse survivors.

The idea of weight management is in having a character that carries and stores all the stuff he needs for playing the game and getting rid of useless stuff. Unfortunately, weight management isn’t just a couple of easy solutions that will solve the problem just like that. The problem is kind of complex, though it's easy to solve if following these simple steps.

Fallout 76: TOP 5 advanced tips and tricks

Here is the TOP 5 advanced tips and tricks for Fallout 76 that will surely make your gaming experience much better! In this guide I’ll consider the problem of adjusting the difficulty level to make the game more challenging, give you some tips on how to level up faster, persuade you to use Power Armor ASAP and farm Fusion Cores, and train you how to pack materials in bulks to sell surplus materials to vendors. Enjoy-or-pay!

Fallout 76: TOP 5 beginner’s tips and tricks guide

Here are the TOP 5 tips and tricks that will help to max out your game experience in Fallout 76. This guide is aimed for beginners, though experience players may also check whether they understood how those basic game mechanics work. And don’t forget to check the advanced TOP tips and tricks later!

Read this before playing Fallout 76: A jump start beginner's guide

This guide is meant for players who want familiarizing themselves with game basics before the start or had difficulties while playing Fallout 76 for the first few hours. Make sure you didn’t miss the important stuff I mention here when playing. And yes, this guide is useless for experienced players.

Is Fallout 76 worth playing both as single player and multiplayer? Early review

Just in case you don’t know, Fallout 76 is an MMO spinoff of Fallout series that can be played as both single player and multiplayer game. You are going to play for the Vault 76 dweller, leaving the shelter 25 years after the nuclear war.

The game scored poorly at the start, almost 75% of all user reviews at Metacritic were negative. Old Fallout fans were obviously not particularly satisfied with the game, and I’ll try to explain below why. I also going to draw parallels between Fallout 4 (hereinafter F4 for simplicity) and Fallout 76, coz that’s the game you probably all played.